January 03, 2020


I really enjoy apps like Trello and Monday to manage projects and school work. To grow my skill set as a designer and developer, I created Libre as my own productivity tool.

I started the design process by ideating in Figma. Then I built the app with React, Firebase, and Styled Components. The web application manages user accounts, project boards, and task lists.

Future Work

At the moment, the application is little more than a to-do list. To expand on this idea, I would improve the lists by adding columns, implementing search and filters, and

Sharing boards with other users and real-time updates would be another interesting direction to improve the app.


I've grown a lot as a developer since working on Libre. Here are a couple of key takeaways for me:

  • Follow software design patterns. My code was disorganized and terrible to debug and work on.
  • Do one thing well. I should've focused on one key feature.

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