Learning game development

I love games, especially video games, and want to bring my own ideas to life, so I'm learning to do just that!

Below are weekly learning logs - mostly to keep me accountable but maybe it'll be helpful for other people learning game development.

Plan Result
Finish videos 1-10 of Three.js journey
Create site for Three.js experiments

I haven't been actively working on game dev for a few months since I've been selling a side project and picking up some extra freelance work.

I built a PC in June, so I've always been playing a lot of games. It's been interesting to see what sucks me in and why. Recently, I've been loving Civ 6, Witcher 3, and have been replaying Diablo 2 with my brother on hardcore.

My plan is to pick back up on a small Playdate project and launch my first commercial game later this year.