Learning game development

I love games, especially video games, and want to bring my own ideas to life, so I'm learning to do just that!

Below are weekly learning logs - mostly to keep me accountable but maybe it'll be helpful for other people learning game development.

Plan Result
Design and prototype a game to teach about color mixing
Finish "Theory of Fun for Game Design" by Raph Koster
Plan Result
Read ch. 1-4 of "Theory of Fun for Game Design" by Raph Koster
Finish 1/3 of HeartBeast's Godot Components tutorial ✅ ✅

The rating period ended for the Godot Wild Jam #66 and we finished 53rd overall out of ~170 submissions. Not bad for our first jam and first finished game!

It was rewarding to have people play our game but there's obviously a ton to improve. We knew our core gameplay was super lacking so it wasn't surprising we got a really low fun score, but my wife was really happy to have received a lot of positive comments on her artwork!

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I had planned to finish 1/3 of HeartBeast's Godot Components tutorial but ended up finishing the whole thing. It really emphasized using composition over inheritance and taught me more about Godot's node system and how to create reusable nodes out of scrips for things like movement, effects, scoring, etc.

Space shooter game with space ship and alien enemies Space shooter game over screen