Athlete Guru

September 05, 2021

About Athlete Guru

Athlete Guru is a premier athletic consulting company with clients who've succeeded in the Olympics, the MLB, the NFL, and other sports leagues.

Wanting to grow their clientele, Marc Agar from Athlete Guru reached out to me to build a fast, mobile-optimized, and modern website to support their growing business.


Working closely with Athlete Guru, I designed and built their website alongside a customized content management system (CMS).


I started by collecting design inspiration from other sports companies to create several style boards with Figma. Based on feedback, I moved forward with a design focused on a black and gold color scheme and gold medal motif.

Figma file with several style explorations

I then designed a mobile and desktop version of the website. Pages included:

  • Home page
  • Contact page
  • Contact Success page
  • About page
  • Article template

Figma file with final mockups and hero explorations

During this phase, I experimented heavily with the hero image and ultimately went with a revolving gold medal background. This was somewhat complicated because of trademark concerns and the Olympics. Balancing contrast, brightness of the medal, and legibility of the hero text was difficult.


Based on the approved mockups, I built the website using Next.js and TailwindCSS. Built as a static website, the website deploys quickly and is highly performant.

I used Sanity as a CMS for Athlete Guru to be able to edit the website. Sanity is highly customizable so I created custom content types to edit the home page, display special offers based off of the date, write blog posts, and more. Marc from Athlete Guru loved how easy Sanity was to use.


With the website built and thoroughly tested, we launched the site and monitored it's impact with Google Analytics. Over the next few months, Marc published several articles which began to rank for relevant keywords and started bringing in qualified leads via the contact page.

Sadly, Marc passed away shortly after completing the project. It was an immense privilege working with him and hearing his stories about the Olympics, NFL training camps, and more. Although the website won't be getting any use now, I'm grateful for Marc and how the web brought us together.